Gavin Parry Coaching


My coaching practice is informed by 30+ years of working as an educator, manager and leader in Higher Education and the Creative Industries.


How best to realise the potential and support the changes necessary for individuals and groups to grow, develop and progress, were key drivers that kept me fascinated and motivated. 


I see coaching as an applied Science and Art that puts people and their wonderful, messy, intrinsic humanness, centre stage.

 As a leader, my style was low hierarchy, collaborative and inclusive, ensuring a positive workplace culture – where everyone’s contribution to the team was respected and nurtured. A place where we worked together to meet ambitious goals, navigate challenges, and achieve high quality outcomes, with much mutual support and good humour.


I am an accredited member of the
Association of Coaching (AOC)

I practice within the
AOC Code of Ethics Framework

Creativity can and should be for all, it is far too powerful for it just to be assumed to be the domain of the ‘artist’.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better."

– Samuel Beckett

Coaching & Creativity

Creativity is both an approach and a tool kit that can be drawn upon to energise the coaching objectives in profound and powerful ways.

Creativity is free and available to all – an invaluable resource relevant and useful within all sectors of human endeavour and professional contexts.  

I use creative strategies to stretch the imagination, shift perspectives, provide insights and drive actions to service a client’s goals, growth and development.