Gavin Parry Coaching

Coaching approach

I offer a professional coaching service to drive professional and personal growth and development. My approach is:

Solution Focused –  Working towards achieving results, measuring progress and re-calibrating, when necessary, to ensure coaching goals are achieved is part of the coaching process. The process can be  trusted when the process maintains focus on the solution and desired outcome. 

Action Driven –
I believe coaching is an action, and that actions lead to measurable and felt successes.

 -Personal growth and professional development are close relations. The goal and the person are always connected,  even when that goal is very specifically professional or work related.  

‘Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own

– John Whitmore

Relational –  We will work in ways that best suit you, and at a pace that feels right. I value the coaching relationship, where rapport, openness and trust helps to drive change and  to achieve your coaching objectives.

Informed – 
I use models and ideas underpinned by a number of coaching approaches and broader theories. For example: TA (Transactional Analysis),  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), De Bono’s Thinking Hats and his writings on Business and Creativity, support my approach and coaching style. 

Challenging and  Supportive –
I work to provide a supportive space and programme where we will work together towards meeting your goals and objectives. I feel comfortable challenging and pushing, if and when necessary in support of your goals. This will be done within a psychologically safe framework and in sympathy to your style and pace.  

Coaching for Personal Growth and Professional Development

I am based in Hebden Bridge / Manchester area in the UK,  I run sessions face-to-face or over zoom. 

Sessions are normally 1 hour duration. The number of sessions depends upon the coaching objectives. The  following can be a useful guideline:

3 Sessions – Where there is already a clear coaching objective, and areas of focus that requires clarification and support to help move on to a next stage.

6 Sessions – For those who have a idea of where they want to go but feel that they lack focus, or some tools or agency to work on the necessary changes. 

10 Sessions – For those who feel they have a number of areas that are working as blocks to personal / professional growth and change, and inhibiting meaningful action and progress . The sessions will support and facilitate more transformative changes and actions appropriate for you and the objectives you want to achieve

For an open conversation and an opportunity to outline coaching needs, and discuss suitable coaching approaches and plans.